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We provide a safe and inspiring environment for the volunteer, as we are experienced with involving both international and local volunteers in our activities as experience volunteers and executives.


The volunteer will be a member of an active team, where the volunteer can take initiative and help others to implement their dreams with the able support of our coordinators and staff in settling into their new environment and culture. 



All volunteers are offered leisure time activities, in order to become acquainted with specifics about the different cultures in Ghana.


There will be weekly meetings that provide volunteers the opportunity to meet our local members and communities for socialization, etc.


There is a clear description of each function and activity. 

There are normal citizenship rules which apply to our staff, members, communities as well as citizens and of course also valid for the volunteers.


 Also there exist rules of the workcapms  according to the management and of the administration (No Alcohol during the project).


Parts of our team are persons leading the projects and camps but are also volunteers.


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Lifestyle means for us everything that influences our quality of life and culture: clothing, leisure time, food as well as music, culture, sports, having friends and celebrating parties.


Through an encounter with a young person from another country, a new aspect will be added to the lives of our community and people and therefore we ask volunteers to dress decently and professionally while in our communities.

 All participants are presented with a certificate upon completion of the program, confirming their involvement in the community development project. Souvenirs are given as a gift in appreciation of participant's efforts.

  • Basically, there are no specific skills or qualifications necessary to take part in our projects, except for our medical/health projects (HIV/AIDS and other chronic, tropical diseases). There are programs available for medical professionals or medical/nursing students.

  • When a volunteer submits the online application, we ask for a copy of their resume/CV as well as a personal reference. We review the details sent to us, we speak to contact reference and follow up with a phone interview with volunteers to determine they are suitable for a placement.

  • The volunteer should be able to communicate, active, humble, willing to learn how to deal with spastic and handicapped people, trustable, and full of ideas and willing to work when demanded.

  • Acceptance of their new environment and cooperation is very essential in achieving the aim of their participation.

  • There are no TEFL or teaching qualifications needed for our teaching programs. All our programs are conducted in English. For those less than proficient in English we offer a Language and Cultural Immersion programs to support the volunteer.


  • Volunteers will be involved in group educational activities that focus on issues related to intercultural communication, development issues in the host community, and larger issues related to international development.

  • One of the major responsibilities of participating students (volunteers) in the project will be to design a culminating project which will be completed during the Exchange. *Participation in existing projects of the host organization. Re-launch the use of condoms and to create a more positive image of condom use in preventing HIV/AIDS, other sexually transmitted infections and in birth control

  • Creating awareness and increasing teachers, students, and the general public knowledge about major infectious diseases by promoting positive change behavior both in students and teachers and also at homes. (Environmental school and information days for the communities)

  • Promoting and marketing of the organization's; charity activities


  • Teaching (basic, general and informal education, vocational skills education, and ICT workshops).

  • Teaching and coaching (physical education, girls’ empowerment and sports development, youth sport)

  • Molding bricks, digging soil, bricklaying, supporting the experts, and transporting of building materials (Construction of classrooms, libraries, clinics, and community centers).

  • Re-launch the use of condoms and to create a more positive image of condom use in preventing HIV/AIDS, other sexually transmitted infections and in birth control

  • Creating awareness and increasing teachers, students, and the general public knowledge about major infectious diseases by promoting positive change behavior both in students and teachers and also at homes.

  • Participating in our existing projects.


Risk prevention, protection, and safety
  • The general security in Ghana is peaceful and welcoming. Ghana is the number one destination and gateway to Africa today. We choose our locations based on the stability of the government, low crime rates, security, and the integrity of the hosting community.

  • The Ghanaians are the friendliest people in West Africa: warm, proud yet humble with a contagious and calming sense of humor. We have local Project Coordinators on-site in each town for assistance and also a 24/7 emergency response center for support. Our able staff and members are available and are always in the company of international participants. Meanwhile, all our programs are organized in groups and therefore there is no cause for alarm.

  • There are sensible precautions in place and we have suggested guidelines on healthy traveling (such as using bottled water and avoid eating uncooked food) volunteers should not have any major issues.

  • *The volunteer, sending organization, host organization, and coordinating organizations will agree on the terms of the project so that all partners have full information at the beginning of the project.

  • The volunteer will be guaranteed participation in the whole training cycle at home and in the host country upon arrival. The camp coordinators will also be of support and mentor for the volunteer during the project.

  • There are several medical facilities in all the places we work. However, if volunteers do have any serious medical complaints we advised them to contact our Project Coordinators for immediate hands-on assistance.

  • By taking basic precautions and knowing basic "street smarts" volunteers should not have any problems while volunteering with us

  • Our dependable staff and project coordinators are always available on the fields and in camps with the volunteers for supervision and support



Volunteering help address many of the most important development challenges facing global communities. Volunteer programs empower people to play an active role in communities’ development while gaining the experience, knowledge, values, and life skills necessary for employment and full citizenship.


Volunteers contribute to achieving national priorities such as nation-building and improving governance. Benefits in volunteering accrue both to the country being served, and the serving volunteer.

  • The rich cultural heritage of the people is usually manifested during festivals. Ghanaian hospitality can also be seen in this regard. The ways people speak and relate to others portray their culture of friendliness.

  • The celebration of festivals in Ghana is an essential part of Ghanaian culture. Several rites and rituals are performed throughout the year in various parts of the country, including child-birth, rites of passage, puberty, marriage, and death. Most of the celebrations are attended by entire villages and are strictly observed by the traditional elders of the respective ethnic groups

  • One of the most attractive aspects of the Ghanaian culture is the colorful traditional festivals and durbars which are held yearly in all parts of the country. These festivals reveal some common features and beliefs of our society. Through the festivals, the people remember their ancestors and ask for their protection

  • Festivals are also held in order to purify the whole state so that people can enter the New Year with confidence and hope.

Now you have many reasons to join us in our community development projects in Ghana. Overall experience and unique memories that will leave with you for the rest of your life awaits you.

Thank you!   


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