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“No matter who we are and where we live, we all share a basic concern for the welfare and well-being of our young people. Their welfare is the most telling measure of our nation’s success – and their potential is the most promising element of its future. It is up to us – all of us – to safeguard that future.”      Yes... It is up to us ALL... ALL OF US to support them today



Our research, through the Happy Children Project shows that many resource constrained communities and parents especially, are forced to make hard choices between basic necessities such as education (books, pencils, school uniform, etc.) or food for the family (medical bills, poor accommodation, etc). While many rural people, who spend relatively more money on health care, completely lack some disposable income for schooling, small business and communication thus perpetuating the cycle of poverty.

Thus, Floating Crystals Academy was founded with the sole aim of providing a platform for poor deprived children, youth-at-risk, adults and persons with disabilities to attain and achieve certain basic education, apprenticeship, skills and knowledge by providing free literacy classes for out of school children ,youth, adults and persons with disabilities through both formal and non-formal educational activities.


We aim to meet the immediate needs of children by supporting their families and communities. The children are not charged school fees and they range in age from six months to grade 6 and soon more...


  • Inadequate classroom furniture 

  • Inadequate textbooks, reading/teaching/learning materials, educational and sporting equipment

  • Scarcity of a library and computer labs.

  • Teachers Salary

  • Daily feeding (Lunch)


International Volunteers, sports facilities, computers, Educational Materials, and funding.

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Our Vision is to furnish our Children the best understanding, skills and values for a prosperous and happy life...Arming the Children for a future.


Our Mission is to provide the care and education necessary to empower formally impoverished children to become leaders whom will dedicate their lives to the compassionate improvement of society by providing free education for needy children of all communities.




Teach me anything that will make me a better person in the future please...


Please spend some time teaching us anything you know will help us become better citizens of the future


We have opportunities for potential skills volunteers such as, trained teachers, trained nurses, social workers, nutritionist, arts and craft, vocational trainers etc. We also accept administrators with experience with the following: Strategic planning, Time management, Accountancy, Human resource, Project marketers, and Communication (writing proposals for grant, writing comprehensive report on studies, publishing results to contributors.


Welcome to a family of smile builders.... Head, Heart and Hand...

Please Teach us the following and many more as to when it is demanded;

  • Teaching (basic, general and informal education, vocational skills                                                                                                     education and ICT workshops)

  • Teaching and coaching ( physical education, girls empowerment and                                                                                               sports development, youth sport)

  • .Agriculture/Farming practices 

  • Molding bricks, digging soil, brick laying, supporting the experts and                                                                                  transporting of building materials (Construction of classrooms,                                                                                     libraries, clinics, libraries and community centres).

  • Re-launch the use of condoms and to create a more positive image                                                                                                  of condom use in preventing HIV/AIDS, other sexually transmitted                                                                                                    infections and in birth control

  • Creating awareness and increasing teachers, students and the general                                                                                        public knowledge about major infectious diseases by promoting                                                                                                      positive change behaviour both in students and teachers and also at                                                                                            homes. 

  • Encouraging and building a more positive future for Street and Working Children, Young People and especially girls’ participation in lifelong physical activities by developing different ways of getting them interested and involved to bring about sustainability and change in their life.

  • Expanding support to schools to use sport to raise standards, achievement and attainment across all subject areas because we believe PE and sport can make a major contribution to many agendas – educational achievement, public health, community cohesion and, of course, sporting performance at the highest level.

  • Helping young people to live healthy and active lives and to be the best they can be. Sport can be used as a great way to help them achieve this. 

  • Promoting and marketing of the organisations charity activities

  • Computer education will help build children confidence and self-esteem to aspire for decent livelihoods, for honest and dignified positions in society through the right use of the information age based on right skills acquired by them in school at the right time. Teach them all about computers and its use.

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Your support will help make life better for all eligible children and their families in the communities we serve. Help HAPPY CHILDREN PROJECT to empower street and vulnerable children and give them the chance to be better citizens of this beautiful world. Be part of our energetic team in Ashaiman, Ghana. 

You have access to Monitoring/Interviewing the children in their school/homes to find out about their life circumstances and their struggles, (medical check-ups), after school activities (Reading, Homework, Craft & Art, Play with Purpose etc.).  Support us to host Play & Learn, Reading Is Fun, while sharing the Joy of Christmas among this street and vulnerable children in Ashaiman and other surrounding communities.


Long distance adoption support is a means to support various aspects of the life of a child:

             · Health and Nutrition (medical care, purchase of medicines and Birth registration)  

             · Back to School Dreams (payment of school fees and of educational materials)

             · Other needs (clothing, shoes, toys, football boots, etc.)

             · Economical support to part or the whole family unit for nutrition purposes.  

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