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Hope and Service to Mankind Foundation are always looking for talented and experienced individuals to join our team. We work very differently to most organizations and are focused on such things as home/work balance, utilizing technology, and bringing on board typically disenfranchised groups.


If you believe you have the right skills to work with us, kindly take a look at the executive volunteer roles detailed below, which are our current staffing needs;

Volunteer Development Manager

Online Engagement Executives

Schools Engagement Coordinators

Public Fundraisers Executives

Corporate Relationship Manager

Community Engagement Coordinator

Grant writers / Fundraising Executives

International Goodwill Ambassadors

Marketing Executives

International Representatives

University Society Coordinator

Professional Recruitment Partners

Foundation Operations Volunteers


We have opportunities also for potential skilled volunteers such as;

Trained teachers

Trained nurses

Social workers


Arts and craft

Vocational trainers, etc.


We also accept administrators with experience in the following fields;

Strategic planning

Time management


Human resource

Project marketers

Communication (writing proposals for a grant, writing comprehensive reports on studies, publishing results to contributors), etc.

Please, contact us for all discussions about the above mentioned positions; 

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