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Sports for  Change

 (Street and Working Children and Young People)

We aim to build a brighter future for young people through a sport system that reaches, inspires, and engages all young people especially girls whatever their age or ability.


To offer international participants access to a range of informed perspectives on cultural, political, and economic issues in Ghana.  For exposure and to learn new things from another society through sport and cultural exchange programmes while contributing to change.


Our aim is to promote young people’s commitment towards a more inclusive growth through notably projects that tackle the issues of youth unemployment, poverty and marginalization, inclusion of disable young people, encouraging young people’s participation, young people spirit of initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship.


The main focus for this programme is involving all young people of all ages to participate in & through Sport and responding to the drop off in sports participation (Increasing Participation/Whole School Impact).


Our Sports for Change Project also focus on helping schools to reach out to every young person by redesigning PE and school sport to engage those not currently engaged as well as driving improvements in providing a meaningful PE experience for young people with disabilities. 

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General Objectives

To help young people to live healthy and active lives and to be the best they can be. Sport can be used as a great way to help them achieve this.


To encourage and build a more positive future for Street and Working Children, Young People and especially girls’ participation in lifelong physical activities by developing different ways of getting them interested and involved to bring about sustainability and change in their life.


To expand our support to schools to use sport to raise standards, achievement and attainment across all subject areas because we believe PE and sport can make a major contribution to many agendas – educational achievement, public health, community cohesion and, of course, sporting performance at the highest level.


Encouraging more women and girls, Street and Working Children and Young People into sport will bring;

  • Development of leadership skills

  • Personal change in young people 

  • Development of inter-personal skills

  • Self-confidence and a sense of responsibility 

  • Broader opportunities

  • Creates a fun, support structure and welcoming experience

  •  Inclusion

Key beneficiaries and partners 

  • Women and Girls

  • Street and Working Children

  •  Young People out of school

  • Youth Clubs and groups

  • Physically Challenged Independent Group

  • Schools and communities

  • Centre for Employment of Persons with Disabilities (CEPD)

  • Girls who are attending or who are not in school and women                                                                                                                who’ve missed out on an education.

Needs: International Volunteers, sporting facilities, and sponsors.


The inter–Schools, youth, women and girls, community games is an inclusive, multi-sport event for elite, young athletes of all ages. It aims to provide talented young sports people from every part of Ghana with the opportunity to compete in an event which replicates the feel of the Olympic and Paralympics Games.


Since its inception in 2010, the School Games seeks to create an inspirational and motivational setting which not only provides our elite young sports people to thrive and perform at the highest levels, but encourages more young people to take part and succeed in sport.


  • The annual youth games in the Volta Region of Ghana combined ten sports into a 7-day Games environment, Athletics, Badminton, football, handball, basketball, Table Tennis, high jump, weight lifting, swimming and Volleyball gives a total to ten sports. There is also an integrated programme of disability events (physical and learning disabilities) in Athletics, Swimming and Table Tennis.

  • Our all inclusive sports festival brings around 2000 young people as competitors, volunteers, officials, reporters and stadium announcers clearly showing the range of roles that young people can play in the organisation and delivery of major sporting events. With a further 10,000 young people involved in the direct qualification events in the ten sports, the festival is a key element in the transformation of competitive sport for young people.

This project is also offered as an internship for those wishing to gain experience and/or credit for a college or university course. The major difference between an intern and a volunteer relates to the amount of mentorship and self-evaluation. We feel that there are several factors that are necessary in order to run a successful internship program:

  • Active participation

  • Full involvement in the organization’s projects

  • Weekly feedback and discussion with Program Supervisor and Director evaluation at the end of the program


We understand that some colleges and universities may have special requirements for internships or give credit for internships. We are able to adapt to the internship program to meet any special needs or requirements.

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Volunteer’s role include the following and many more as to when it is demanded;

  •  Teaching and coaching ( physical education, girls empowerment and sports development, youth sport)

  • Putting inter-competition back at the heart of schools, groups and communities.

  • Equipping young people with the ability and desire to sustain their involvement in sporting activity beyond their school life

  • Improving the Sports Offer in School (“Widening the Breath” of provision  & supporting transition into national and international Sport

  • Motivating Young People to take responsibility of themselves (Embedding Sport/Activity/Leadership.

  • To provide identified young people with the knowledge, skills, understanding and confidence to fulfil their potential in their chosen sport.

  • To offer insights into the world of performance sport for young people, both exploring the expectations and demands, and allow them time to reflect on their own talent and ability, attitudes and ambition.

  • To stimulate creativity and desire within the young sports people through an understanding of the history of their sport and the endeavours and innovation of the greatest performers within it.

  • To encourage the young sports people to continue in education and move into further and higher education where appropriate and relevant.

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