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Your assistance is vital to the success of our development projects!


Thank you for considering a contribution to Hope and Service to Mankind Foundation.  Through the generosity of people like you, we affect change for the better in communities and environments that are so desperately in need. We depend on the support of our friends around the world to fund our programs as we receive no government funding - we depend entirely on our membership dues as well as volunteer placement fees. We promise to be good stewards of your gifts too: we make sure that, every amount we receive goes directly towards the projects, programs, and portfolios we work on.


Bank Details:


Account No:  2081083617230 (USD)

Account No:  2081083617430 (EURO)





Our team uses the maximum percentage of donations to contribute general materials and other resources to the project communities.

Stand-alone donations

We are always happy to receive donations. This could include sending us a cheque, but also includes donating your time as a volunteer, or donating items we could use (computers, books, clothes, etc.) or auction to raise much-needed funding for our work. If you're uncertain, please feel free to contact us and we will be only too pleased to advise how your generosity could assist us and the communities we work with.

Corporate Sponsorship

Over the course of a typical year, Hope and Service to Mankind Foundation will undertake a number of fundraising events, including fashion shows, sports events, and competitions. These events provide a great platform for the business community to lend their support to the valuable work we undertake whilst also promoting their activities to a wide audience. Sponsorship of our events means that every penny raised from them is driven directly into the operational side of our work. While of course, it would be great to have the support of blue-chip multinationals, it's actually the small- to medium-sized enterprises that form our largest support network for fundraising activities. We ensure that there is a range of sponsorship activities to fit budgets of all sizes.


Individual Sponsorship

We are so very fortunate to have individual supporters that have decided to be the difference, to be extraordinary, to raise awareness, and to raise valuable funding via the sponsorship of the activities they undertake.  No matter how large or small, each sponsorship pledge is gratefully received and vitally important. We are always happy to assist in the development of your fundraising event - whether you're an individual, group, club, school, or company. To find out how you can plan a sponsored event, please contact us using the contact page of this site and tell us about your ideas. Leave your contact details and one of our highly-trained event Coordinators will call you back to give you some ideas of the types of events we organize, and how to sponsor our future fundraising events.


Legacy Donations

Leaving a gift to Hope and Service to Mankind Foundation in your will is a very special way of helping, and a lasting gift to the people we are trying to assist.  If you plan to remember Hope and Service to Mankind Foundation in your will, you should seek the advice of a solicitor or other professional advisor. And if you already have a will, it is easy to include us in it.


There are a number of ways you can leave a legacy to Hope and Service to Mankind Foundation:

A pecuniary legacy is one that specifies an amount of money. It is simple and straightforward but makes no allowances for inflation. A gift of today may well be worth a lot less in 20 or 30 years' time!

A residuary legacy is when you leave the balance of your estate to Hope and Service to Mankind Foundation after everything else is taken care of.

A specific legacy enables you to leave something of value which can be used by Hope and Service to Mankind Foundation in any manner we think fit.



Donate to help the victims of the recent Apiate explosion.



Thank you!

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